Corporate Social Responsibility

The ECS Group is built upon values which guide our actions and distinguish us from others. We conduct business in an ethical and socially accountable manner and are committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees.

As an organisation we are motivated to minimising any impact on the environment and set the following objectives as part of our broader corporate social responsibility policy to care for the planet.

Part of this approach is to work with Trees for Life, they help us plant trees in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for future generations. Doing this work in Scotland is really important to us for a number of reasons but one of them is because this is where our company founder Allan Monteath was born, and serves as a reminder to us that no matter how far and wide we may grow, that Scotland is a special place for us.

You can find a Sustainability Statement from our Managing Director – here.


Trees Planted


Staff Satisfaction

We are focused on these three objectives:
  • Value the environment

    Seek ways to incorporate environmental opportunities and contribute to habitat enhancement.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

    To continually reduce contribution to the emission of Greenhouse Gases, including CO2, from our business activities.

  • Raise Awareness

    To contribute and raise awareness of our environmental and social responsibilities through aiding research, education and participating in community projects.

Some of the many things we are incorporating into our business:

Reusable items

Switching from disposable to reusable items makes a huge difference to the amount of waste being produced by the organisation. Things such as drinks containers, cups, plates and utensils, towels, etc. all contribute to our reduction in waste and our carbon footprint.

Made from recycled items

Within the car recycling scheme around 65% is steel but the remainder 35% is plastics and fabrics. Introducing items like stationary made from the fabric and plastic gathered from the EU - ‘ELV’ scheme was hugely welcomed not only by our colleagues but by our customers as well.

Recycling in offices

The cost of putting waste into landfill sites has been steadily rising since 2001. Recycling office waste can save money and help reduce our impact on the environment. We are making this ever easier to do within our offices and strive to make even more improvements.

LED lights

During 2018 our UK Head Office committed to replacing all our ceiling lighting with LED lighting which is much more efficient. In addition, lower energy is required to power the bulb leading to great benefits when introduced over an entire building.

Better surroundings

Introducing plants into the office space reduces carbon dioxide emissions from air-conditioned venues by around 10%, improving the air quality in the spaces our employees spend most of their day. Additionally plants, and the colour green, promotes calmness and reduces stress - the presence of nature in our minds is associated with peace and tranquillity.


Introducing simple things like stocked fruit bowls around our offices and meeting rooms presents our employees and guests, with easy access healthy snacks to help promote and maintain a healthier lifestyle. They also act as a natural booster to energy levels and the vitamins can help fight illness and therefore reduce sick days.

Charity Work

ECS is taking steps towards giving more of it's time to local charities based in the communities we work in. In addition to Trees for Lifes, this year we held charity events to raise money for the Blue Cross and the St Elizabeth Hospice, a local charity to our European Head Office.

Travelling to customers

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and those of our partners and clients, we work hard with them to make sure that any travelling done is done as responsibly as possible. We are looking to introduce a complete carbon off-set to all our journeys and we always consider the most responsible and appropriate way to visit our customers and partners.