Sustainability Statement

ECS was founded as a small, family-run company twenty-five years ago. Today, even though the founder has retired, the ownership has diversified, and the company has grown significantly it still holds the original family values at its core. As a family, what could be more important than ensuring the long-term well-being of the planet that will be inhabited by our children and their children…

In order to achieve this The ECS Group is implementing a significant Corporate Social Responsibility program, which is fundamental to how we do business.

Its core value statement is “We conduct business in an ethical and socially accountable manner and are committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees”.

This CSR program is integral to how we do business and every aspect of our activities are continually looking for improvement in this area.

We are proud of our partnership with rewilding and tree planting charities as well as our environmentally friendly offices, energy and waste management practices currently in place. Entering a new decade, we are striving to do more and include CSR mindset in every corporate activity possible. Through those commitments and initiatives, we are aiming to incorporate sustainable development outside company’s doors. Continuous improvement is an essential ingredient to maintain the high quality of business tools and services we set for ourselves.

Declan Boyle, ECS Managing Director