Audi AG >

Working together only for a brief period of time, we partnered with the Germany luxury car manufacturer Audi to assist them with their Aftersales Improvement Programme. ECS hopes to get the opportunity to work with the brand again in the future.


Founded as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, BMW is now a producer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. We began working together in Northern Europe markets to provide Warranty Auditing services for both automotive and motorcycle brands.

Citroën >

First partnering over 10 years ago, ECS and Citroën have worked together in various markets across Europe. A company with a long history, we are proud to still provide Aftersales Business Services.

Datsun >

Originally founded in 1931, Datsun is a brand owned by Nissan. Working with the brand has been a part of our partnership with Nissan since it was re-launched in 2013.

DS Automobiles >

Formerly part of Citroën, DS has been a standalone brand since 2015 in Europe. We have the pleasure of working on behalf of this brand for a number of years.

Hyundai >

One of our longest-running brand partnerships, we have worked with Hyundai for almost 20 years in various markets. Providing various business services, we have helped them with research, surveying, compliance, and technology solutions.

Infiniti >

The luxury vehicle division of Nissan, our partnership involves Warranty Auditing all European markets. Today, the markets served by Infiniti have reduced to Eastern Europe only, with Western Europe being parts and service only.

Jaguar >

The performance vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) since they merged in 2013. We have worked together providing in-house Warranty Coordinators, managing warranty operations across 32 European markets. It was an honour and privilege to work so closely with this iconic British brand in their Kronberg Campus, Germany.

Kia Corporation>

South Korea's second-largest automotive manufacturer has been a long-term partner of ECS. Working together we manage and perform their Warranty Auditing function throughout Europe. In addition to providing technology services and analysis for a number of European markets on behalf of Kia Europe.

Land Rover >

The British brand responsible for predominantly four-wheel drive and off-road capable vehicles, part of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). We have worked together providing in-house Warranty Coordinators, managing warranty operations across 32 European markets. It was an honour and privilege to work in close partnership with this iconic British brand from their European offices in Kronberg, Germany.

MAN Truck & Bus >

The largest subsidiary of the MAN SE corporation, we have joined forces to conduct Warranty and Aftersales Auditing throughout the Russian markets and areas of Eastern Europe.

Mercedes-Benz >

Producers of luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles, we have worked alongside this prestigious brand since 2019. Working in Northern Europe providing Warranty Compliance Auditing, Data Processing, and Analytics.

Mitsubishi Motors >

With its automotive origins dating back to 1917, Mitsubishi Motors is a brand we have much respect for. Working with them for almost 20 years, we have worked across Europe on behalf of Mitsubishi Motor Europe, and provided a wide range of services including Data Processing, Analytic Reporting, Market Surveying, Market and Dealer Training Programmes, and Compliance Auditing.

Nissan >

Selling cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands, they are our longest-standing partnership. ECS and Nissan have worked on various projects for over 25 years, in Business Services, Compliance Auditing, Technology Solutions, and Coaching & Training. We have deployed services throughout Europe and overseas territories, in Central Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Opel >

A subsidiary of Groupe PSA, we began working with the brand in Northern Europe after the merger in 2017, providing Warranty Compliance Auditing services.

Peugeot >

The French automotive manufacturer, part of Groupe PSA. We partnered with this historic brand first in 2008 and currently work with them in Northern Europe markets providing Compliance Auditing and Data Analytics.

Renault >

ECS first partnered with the French car and van producer in 2001. Working in a number of European markets we have provided multiple services in the area of Warranty and Aftersales.

Renault Trucks >

Manufacturers of commercial trucks and military vehicles, Renault Trucks has been owned by the Volvo Group since 2001. Together we have worked on projects to improve Warranty Compliance and Aftersales Globally, from designated West and Eastern European countries to the Middle East and French overseas.

Suzuki >

First working together in 2007, Suzuki manufacturer automobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard engines, and more! In Western Europe we partnered on projects to improve Aftersales areas, develop Dealerships, and health-check Suzuki outlets.

Volvo >

Now part of the Geely Holding Group, we have a long history with Volvo with the founders of ECS working for them for many years. ECS itself first worked with Volvo in 2000, and together we have partnered on projects for Bodyshop Approval, Dealer Performance, Tooling, Workshop Auditing, and Dealer Standards Auditing.