Declan Boyle

Declan has been Managing Director of the ECS Group since 2016. In his role he oversees all five companies that make up the ECS Group and ECS Automotive.

Declan is a hugely experienced leader having held numerous senior managerial positions throughout the automotive industry. Skilled in Business Development and Aftersales, Declan has used his talents to excel in his native Ireland, working with Fiat, Nissan, Opel and Volvo; in the United Kingdom with Honda, Lotus and Mazda; and the United States of America where he spent 15 years working with BMW.

Declan joined ECS Automotive in 2002 after returning from the USA and was quickly promoted to Regional Manager for the UK and Ireland. He later became the Business Development Manager for Europe where he experienced great success.

In 2016, Declan was appointed Managing Director of the ECS Group upon the retirement of its founder and then Managing Director, Mr. Allan Monteath. Since his appointment the organisation has experienced significant growth in revenue, customers, and employees. He is driven to secure ECS Automotive as being the premium supplier of out-sourced services to automotive manufacturers and distributors and the ECS Group as a premium provider of innovative business solutions.

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