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Services - 23 November 2020

COVID-FREE Dealer Certification

We at ECS Automotive know your customers are your number one priority … our job is to help you guarantee their trust and safety!

ECS Automotive in partnership with COVID-FREE

The situation

  • Health and Safety uncertainty over COVID-19.
  • Generic and vague recommendations by government and health authorities.
  • The need to attract customers while maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Difficulty maintaining adherence to recommendations over time.

What can ECS give you?

  • A clear understanding of heath authorities’ recommendations, applied to concrete standard adapted to the Automotive sector.
  • A solution that guarantees maximum protection while having minimal impact on operations.
  • A road-map to the issuance of the COVID-FREE label – a guarantee that management is doing what is necessary to protect employees and customers on-site.
  • Solid experience in the Automotive sector and expertise in auditing and standards control.

What is it?

The COVID-FREE label is issued by ECS Automotive, valid for one year, and attests to the implementation of an internal safety protocol at dealerships.

It assures staff and customers that:

  • The risks associated with COVID-19 are well understood.
  • The necessary measures were taken to ensure the safe operation of the dealer.
  • The risks of contamination on the spot are controlled.
  • The impact on daily organisation


The COVID-FREE certification can help improve your business activity by:

  • Providing a safe work and visiting environment.
  • Explaining the nature of COVID-19-related surcharges.
  • Signalling a strong indication of the commitment from the dealer.
  • Reinforcing your brand image.
  • Attracting new customer looking for a secure dealership environment.

Contact us today to find out more!

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