Since ECS Automotive was founded in 1995, we have worked closely with our customers to position ourselves as a trusted service provider to the automotive sector.

ECS Automotive employs local professionals, as they best understand your needs and your markets. We have built a team of experts who bring their knowledge and experience right to the customer, and as a result, provide the highest level of customised service.

Trust, mutual respect and in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs mean that we are much more than just a business partner, we are an extension of our clients’ teams working together to provide value.

Premium Service always.

Long-term partnerships.

Formed in 1995.

We employ local professionals.

95% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

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ECS specialises in providing effective and sustainable business solutions to support our customers’ management teams on a global basis. We believe that is people, with their experience and knowledge that stand behind business success.


Our programmes are tailor-made for you to suit your specific needs, making use of our deep understanding of your business environments. Our specialists work directly with you to make sure that we are working towards a common goal. We constantly review our programmes to maintain leading results.


By providing high quality flexible automotive services, our team will help make your business run even faster and more efficiently. Thanks to our focus on building strong clients relations, we can offer both our unique industry knowledge and a partnership approach to achieving success.


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ECS market support services are designed for improving and developing your business whilst supporting greater efficiency and profit, as well as providing in-depth analysis and insight into existing markets, processes or quality.


Each year we manage millions of warranty claims, visit thousands of dealers, control millions of Euros worth of repairs, and meet and talk with industry experts across all Europe. This industry-leading insight, combined with our in-house technology and talent, allows us to help you with your business.


Our specialists and digital solutions can assist you in areas such as:


  • Automotive Market Review (Sales / Aftersales)
  • Breakdown Analysis (Product Quality)
  • Managed Service Contracts
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Standards Analysis

In addition, we also offer a range of broader services around:


  • Consultancy
  • Strategy Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Improvement

Automotive manufacturers rely on dealer networks to be the ambassadors of their brand and to service their customers.


Our network auditing services are designed to quickly and accurately review dealers’ adherence to the manufacturers’ guidelines and enhance the efficiency of dealer processes. Using REVUE, our proprietary audit tool, our expert auditors conduct a comprehensive review of the agreed standards, identifying compliance violations and improvement areas. The reports measure the level of compliance and point out corrective actions to avoid future non-compliance, which are powerful tools when used by management teams to implement improvement actions.


Benefits of our audit programmes:


  • Stronger dealer networks.
  • Control of the appropriate spending of resources.
  • Increased brand protection and customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining your competitiveness, whilst identifying opportunities for improvement.

Our services cover:


  • Brand Protection Audits
  • Mystery Shop Audit
  • Standards Audits
  • Vehicle Stock Audits
  • Warranty Audits
  • Workshop Efficiency Audits

Our technology and analytical services combine industry expertise with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide services and tool solutions that scale with your business.


With a dedicated development team, ECS will work with you to understand the need, develop the solution, and support you through-out the application life-cycle, to gain that competitive advantage.


Technology services include:


  • Network Auditing Tools
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • eLearning and Digital Training Solutions

In addition, our Analytical services include:


  • Business Intelligence (BI) Services
  • Claim Analysis
  • Market / Network / Dealer Profiling
  • Standards Analysis
  • Warranty Chargeback Analysis

Every business knows it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest standards, protocols and technology. Those who are given proper training are more motivated, more efficient,  and more satisfied in what they do, resulting in increased productivity.


Our coaching and training solutions are tailored to meet your needs and can be delivered in a variety of ways, by one of our local trainers. Courses can be delivered both face-to-face, or digitally; live, or on-demand, ensuring training objectives can be achieved no matter where you are. We also provide Dealer Support and Dealer Coaching visits. These can be combined with other services, or can be delivered standalone, targeting particular concerns or with an open agenda.


Training programme examples:


  • Process and Procedure Excellence
  • Product Launch & Knowledge
  • Team Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Technical Diagnostic and Repair

Digital Learning services examples:


  • Digital Training
  • eLearning
  • Interactive Product Tours
  • Training Content Development

Over 25 years experience in the Automotive Industry


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The ECS Group proudly supports creating positive, long lasting change in the world in which we work.

We are committed to minimising any impact on the environment and set the following objectives as part of our broader corporate social responsibility policy to care for the planet.



If you are passionate about working with some of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world, in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment then you could be a perfect fit for a role within the ECS Group.

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