ECS specialise in providing effective and sustainable business solutions to support our customers’ management teams on a global basis.

Programmes are customised to satisfy the specific needs of our customers and reflect their business environment. We continuously review our programmes to find ways of adding value and maintaining leading edge results.

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The principal business areas in which we operate are:




The key to business success is to have a clear set of Operating Standards that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound (SMART) covering each aspect of the business operation.

We work with you to fully understand your business priorities and challenges in order to develop a set of Operating Standards, based on best business practice, that enable you to optimise your business performance.

Standards can be applied to a single business operation or across multiple operations and franchised networks.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts work with you to identify and prioritise your key business processes. For each key process a set of operating standards are defined that enable all team members to fully understand exactly what is expected of them.


Our Communications Team offers advice on the most effective media and methods for publishing and maintaining Operating Standards within your particular business environment.

Launch and Communication

We advise you on the most effective methods of launching and communicating Operating Standards within your organisation. We help you to develop interesting and effective presentation materials and to deliver them through Workshops, online etc.




The provision of training and support is essential for the successful implementation of a Standards Programme and the achievement of high quality business performance.

We help you successfully implement Operating Standards throughout your business through a range of customised training solutions including one to one coaching, classroom-based training and eLearning. We believe that quality training is not just about helping people understand what they need to do, it is also about giving them an understanding of why they are doing it and how their actions affect others around them.


We offer hands on training delivered in the workplace, which can be stand alone or structured as a follow up to eLearning or classroom training courses. Coaching visits may be tailored to address specific areas of individual development, non-compliance or new procedures.


Our group training events give the opportunity for your team members to learn in an open and supportive environment. Our trainers help participants fully understand the subject matter and provide them with many opportunities to share their ideas, ask questions and discuss current practices.


Whether refreshing your knowledge or learning something new, eLearning modules provide flexible solutions in today’s ever changing business environment. Our courses are broken down into bite size modules that are clear and simple to use and can be structured to include demonstrations, examples and knowledge quizzes.




Compliance measurement, in the form of auditing or self-assessment programmes, ensures your standards are being implemented correctly. The information gathered is used to manage performance and identify further training and development needs.

We provide you with complete, industry-leading compliance solutions through our own teams of specialists supported by sophisticated compliance-checking software. Alternatively we can advise you on setting up your own compliance programmes.


Our programmes provide leading edge solutions for measuring and recording compliance and actions to be taken for addressing areas of non-compliance. We are able to advise you on achieving an appropriate balance between the “policing” and “developmental” aspects of compliance assessment based on our extensive experience of successful compliance programmes.

Activity Planning

Our compliance programmes produce detailed activity plans which address any shortcomings found.

Reward and Recognition

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to identify and reward examples of good practice on a group or individual basis. We are able to offer you ideas and advice on the best Reward and Recognition methods.



Business Services

To achieve optimum business performance, it is essential to have access to quality information and systems, and have an organisation that is flexible and able to react promptly to changing business requirements.

Our systems and data experts help you visualise your businesses strengths and weaknesses more readily, allowing you to better understand your business needs and manage your time more effectively. We specialise in creating customised systems solutions, the provision of administration services and the use of surveys for acquiring vital management information.

Systems Development and Data Analysis

Our Systems Developers and industry experts combine their skills and resources to provide you with systems and data analysis solutions that are simple to use and adapt to address your specific business needs.

This may include storing your data in a secure environment on our servers and using it to provide you with a fast and flexible reporting and analysis service.

Administration Services

Our administration team provide bespoke outsourced support to supplement your business activities. This may take many forms including the production and issue of regular reports and data files required to support your business activities.


Whether you require online surveys to gather customer or colleague feedback or market surveys to gauge your position and competitiveness in the market place we can provide the right solution.



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