ECS | Setting the Standard

    A leading service provider to the automotive industry

  • Solutions

    ECS specialise in providing effective and sustainable business solutions

  • Standards

    We work with you to develop Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,
    Time-bound (SMART) operating standards

  • Training

    We help you successfully implement Operating Standards throughout
    your business through a range of customised training solutions
    including one to one coaching, classroom-based
    training and eLearning

  • Compliance

    We provide you with complete, industry-leading compliance solutions
    through our own teams of Specialists supported by
    sophisticated compliance-checking software

  • Business Services

    Our systems and data experts help you visualise your businesses strengths
    and weaknesses more readily, allowing you to better understand
    your business needs and manage your time more effectively

  • New Challenges

    We thrive on new challenges - and customise all
    our programmes to meet the specific
    needs of our customers

“Since ECS was formed in 1995, we have become a leading service provider to the automotive industry, operating in over 40 countries”
- Allan Monteath | MD